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Vehicle tech uses cobalt, hydrogen's role in platinum Vehicle tech uses cobalt, hydrogen's role in platinum Has Video
Published: 23 Jan 19
This week on Second Take, Mining Weekly editor Martin Creamer delves into cobalt and fuel cells and hydrogen’s role in platinum’s future.  
Gold, copper prices to rebound in 2019 – Fitch Solutions
Published: 23 Jan 19
Increased economic uncertainty and declining metal stocks are expected to drive gold and copper prices this year, Fitch Solutions commodities analyst Sabrin Chowdhury stated during a webcast on Wednesday. She noted that the expected rebound in gold was “already playing out” and that the price should reach 2013 highs, averaging around $1 300/oz this year, with investment flows into safe haven assets increasing as dollar strength, market volatility and the trend toward protectionism continues.
Petropavlovsk targeting increased gold production in 2019 Petropavlovsk targeting increased gold production in 2019
Published: 23 Jan 19
While subject to further plant development success at its pressure oxidation (POX) hub, Russian miner Petropavlovsk is eyeing gold production of between 450 000 oz and 500 000 oz for 2019, with capital expenditure figures expected to reach levels of between $45-million and $50-million during the year. This compares with output of 422 300 oz in 2018, 118 800 oz of which was produced in the fourth quarter. The production was less than the 439 600 oz of 2017, but was in line with its guidance of 420 000 oz to 450 000 oz.
Man electrocuted on roof of Cape Town train
Published: 23 Jan 19
A man was electrocuted on top of a train travelling from Philippi to Cape Town early on Wednesday morning, Metrorail Western Cape has confirmed. "It was the first train of the day and it is unclear what led to the incident. Emergency services, the police, Metrorail crews, forensics and a mortuary van are on the scene," spokesperson Riana Scott said. "SAPS has closed the line for the duration of their on-site investigation. "This has resulted in Chris Hani trains terminating at Philippi until the line is declared safe for operations," she told News24. "Commuters are advised to find alternative transport between Chris Hani and Philippi as bus operators are unable to assist during peak." Police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk said the body of an unidentified man believed to be in his 30s was found on top of the train at about 05:30. An inquest docket is under investigation.
Crusader needs more funds before month-end
Published: 23 Jan 19
Minerals exploration and development company Crusader Resources said on Wednesday that it needed to raise more funds before the end of January to continue as a going concern and that the board was in advanced discussions to resolve the funding shortfall. The company, which on December 24 secured convertible notes to raise A$1.4-million, stated that it would follow a pro rata entitlement issue to eligible shareholders to raise additional funds in the next week and a half.
Antofagasta ends 2018 on strong note with record copper production Antofagasta ends 2018 on strong note with record copper production
Published: 23 Jan 19
Chilean copper mining group Antofagasta ended 2018 on a strong note, achieving record production for the final quarter of 220 000 t and touching the top end of the full-year guidance at 725 300 t. Full-year production is also a new record for the company and 3% higher than output in 2017, owing to higher production at Los Pelambres and Centinela.
Electric car growth rate to cool in 2019, says report Electric car growth rate to cool in 2019, says report
Published: 23 Jan 19
Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) expects the electric passenger car sales growth rate to cool in 2019. In its ‘Transition in Energy, Transport – 10 Predictions for 2019’ report, BNEF says there are now almost five-million passenger electric vehicles (EVs) on the road globally.
Loophole lets Norway's $1tr fund boost its coal exposure Loophole lets Norway's $1tr fund boost its coal exposure
Published: 23 Jan 19
Norway’s massive sovereign wealth fund has increased its exposure to coal reserves even after imposing restrictions on investing in the fossil fuel that’s seen as one of the main catalysts for global warming, according to a report. The findings are another illustration of how the ban, which restricts investments in companies that get more than 30% of their activity or revenue from coal, still allows investments in giants such as trader Glencore and miner BHP Group. Opposition politicians and environmental groups have called on Norway to close “loopholes” as the government prepares to present a review of the rules this year.
Ghana pledges no repeat of incursions at AngloGold mine
Published: 23 Jan 19
Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo pledged that the incursion of illegal miners which forced AngloGold Ashanti to evacuate its Obuasi operation won’t be repeated. Speaking at a ceremony that marked the reopening of the century-old mine in the south of the country, Akufo-Addo said Tuesday that the “forceful encroachment on the concession of the company” was over, according to an emailed copy of his speech. “The sequence of events that led to the closure of the mine will not recur under the watch of this government,” he said.
Fresnillo records strong, but lower-than-expected FY results
Published: 23 Jan 19
LSE-listed, Mexico-focused miner Fresnillo achieved record silver production, and strong gold production in 2018, despite it being a challenging year for the company. Silver production for the year was 61.8-million ounces, including Silverstream, up 5.3% on 2017, mainly owing to the first full year of operations at Phase 2 of San Julián. Gold production for the year was 923 000 oz, up 1.3% compared with 2017, mainly owing to the higher ore grade and recovery rate at Saucito, the contribution of the new Pyrites plant at Saucito and the higher ore grade at Fresnillo.
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