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OceanaGold shares rise on record output, revenues, profit
Published: 23 Feb 18
TSX- and ASX-listed gold producer OceanaGold has reported record profit for 2017, as record output and subsequent record revenues lifted the bottom line. The Melbourne, Australia-based company reported a full-year net profit of $172-million, or $0.28 a share, up 26% year-on-year from $136-million, or $0.22 a share, in 2016. OceanaGold advised that the improved performance was in spite of a noncash impairment of $18-million booked in the second quarter.
New directive will  affect mining vessels  off the shore of Namibia New directive will affect mining vessels off the shore of Namibia
Published: 23 Feb 18
In 2020, the International Maritime Organisation will implement a low sulphur fuel directive (LSFD) that will impact on the availability of fuel for ships and mining vessels off the coasts of African countries, including Namibia. The LSFD will require ships to use low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO), which has a sulphur content of less than 1.5% (as compared with regular marine fuel oil/heavy fuel oil which has a sulphur content of 3%). The directive is being introduced to curb the environmental impact that ships and large mining vessels have.
Leveraging neuroscience for business productivity Leveraging neuroscience for business productivity
Published: 23 Feb 18
Companies can improve the productivity, cooperation and happiness of employees by leveraging natural human emotions, says applied neuroscience multinational Neuroleadership Institute South Africa research and solutions head Rob Jardine. The psychology of groups can facilitate cooperation and efficiency or can lead to fragmentation and conflict within companies. Similarly, creating inclusive groupings in companies can overcome cultural differences and mitigate bias, leading to more innovative, productive and effective teams.
Himoinsa solutions provide light, power to Southern African mines Himoinsa solutions provide light, power to Southern African mines
Published: 23 Feb 18
Designer and manufacturer of diesel and gas generator sets, hybrid generators, lighting towers and control panels Himoinsa Southern Africa is delivering solutions to power mines across Southern Africa, emphasising that its generators and lighting towers are robust and durable enough to provide reliable power even in the most challenging environments. Himoinsa Southern Africa is supplying 2 MVA of power in a sound-attenuated 40 foot ,containerised unit to an engineering, procurement and construction mining contractor supporting the expansion of a zinc mine in South Africa.
Nigerian mining’s GDP contribution seen increasing  sixfold to 3%, cautious optimism takes hold in SA Nigerian mining’s GDP contribution seen increasing sixfold to 3%, cautious optimism takes hold in SA
Published: 23 Feb 18
With investors continuously scouring worldwide for new opportunities and countries scrutinised for their investment attractiveness and monitored in terms of economic growth, currently, new light has been cast on the re-emerging and growing Nigerian mining sector, while South Africa’s mining industry remains under hopeful scrutiny as there are signs that regulatory uncertainty will be positively addressed. While oil and gas have been known to dominate the Nigerian economy, the country is “a fast-evolving mining jurisdiction,” stresses PwC Nigeria advisory partner and mining leader Cyril Azobu, who states that, if the right steps are taken and the current momentum sustained, the country’s solid minerals sector can contribute up to 3% of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025, as predicted in the ‘Roadmap for the Growth and Development of the Nigerian Mining Industry’.
Flare-gas-harnessing solution to be on show at Infacon XV
Published: 23 Feb 18
Swedish clean technology company Ripasso Energy will be presenting its PWR BLOK 400-F solution to the international ferroalloys industry at the fifteenth International Ferro-Alloys Congress (Infacon XV), which is taking place at the Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town, from February 25 to 28. The PWR BLOK 400-F, launched in September last year, is a container-based solution in which Rispasso’s Stirling Engines are used to harness energy from combustion of residual and  and flare gas, allowing for significant electricity and cost savings.
Partnerships key as South Africa tackles Gamsberg project Partnerships key as South Africa tackles Gamsberg project
Published: 23 Feb 18
At global diversified miner Vedanta Resources’ Gamsberg mine, in the Northern Cape, motor and controls manufacturer Zest WEG Group is working closely with lead contractor ELB Engineering Services as a preferred supplier to standardise its range of transformers and motors across a number of on-site applications. The Gamsberg project is currently South Africa’s largest greenfield mining project and will exploit one of the world’s largest zinc deposits. It is being developed at a capital cost of $400-million and is expected to produce 250 000 t/y of zinc metal in concentrate.
Hybrid solutions to power Africa’s mining future Hybrid solutions to power Africa’s mining future
Published: 23 Feb 18
African mining companies and investors have expressed increasing interest in hybrid energy solutions that show the potential to address off-peak demand challenges, says engineering consultant WSP Africa power director Dinesh Buldoo, who expects this trend to continue. “We have seen several hybrid energy projects in different African countries coming through the pipeline over the past several years, with significant investor and developer interest in renewable-energy projects.”
Green bonds  appealing funding  opportunity for mines Green bonds appealing funding opportunity for mines
Published: 23 Feb 18
The adoption of increasingly stringent renewable-energy and climate change targets globally will dramatically boost the issuance of green bonds, forecasts Fitch Group-affiliated BMI Research power and renewables head Georgina Hayden. In the wake of the landmark United Nations 2015 Paris Agreement aimed at combating climate change and intensifying investments needed to sustain a low-carbon future, the South African government will continue to progress efforts towards reaching its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC). These efforts have, to date, resulted in increased pressure on mining and metals companies to lower their carbon emissions.
Energy efficiency can be  profit centre for mining Energy efficiency can be profit centre for mining
Published: 23 Feb 18
South African mining companies must embrace modern energy-saving technologies and new thinking on reducing carbon emissions if they hope to remain competitive in the global commodities market, warns international energy and carbon emissions solutions specialist Ensight Energy Solutions. “Business can both embrace sustainability and a low-carbon future, and profit. It doesn’t have to be either or. Mines don’t have to be threatened by it. If they adopt new ways of thinking about energy, it can be a massive profit centre for the global mining industry,” Australia-based Ensight CEO Francis Barram tells Mining Weekly.
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