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Fireweed tumbles following positive Macmillan Pass PEA
Published: 25 May 18
Vancouver-based explorer Fireweed Zinc has reported strong economic indicators for its Macmillan Pass project, in Canada’s Yukon Territory, sending its TSX-V-listed stock up 6% on Thursday to open at a 52-week high, before closing down 11% by market close. Based on metal price assumptions of $1.21/lb of zinc, $0.98/lb of lead and $16.80/oz of silver, the maiden preliminary economic assessment (PEA) on the project calculated a pre-tax net present value (NPV), applying an 8% discount rate, of C$779-million, and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 32%.
EY’s Canadian Mining Eye Index falls in Q1
Published: 25 May 18
The EY Canadian Mining Eye Index has shown a decline in first-quarter performance, falling 8% from the fourth quarter of 2017, the professional services firm reported on Thursday. Based on the 2018 operating guidance released by the majority of Canadian gold mining companies, average production is expected to be flat to slightly lower due to reducing grade, mine closures and suspensions.
Only one-third of the 15 largest copper producers reported positive production trends – S&P Global Only one-third of the 15 largest copper producers reported positive production trends – S&P Global
Published: 25 May 18
Only about one-third of the 15 largest copper producers with output of more than 40 000 t of copper per quarter reported positive production trends during the first quarter of this year, driving quarter-on-quarter output 4.8% or 136 548 t lower, a new report by S&P Global has found. However, on an annual basis, output rose by 14.8%, or 345 725 t, in the March quarter.
Acquisitions allow for access to tech, developments in industry Acquisitions allow for access to tech, developments in industry
Published: 25 May 18
Global motors and drives manufacturer and supplier Zest WEG Group’s Brazil headquarters has made several new acquisitions over the past few years, which has enabled the company to access a larger expertise pool and new technology, says Zest WEG Group manager of rotating machines Fanie Steyn. WEG announced last year that it had acquired Brazilian steam turbine and transmission manufacturer TGM, which provides solutions and equipment for power generation drivers, focusing on thermal and wind energy. It also provides equipment for mechanical drives such as fans, shredders, water pumps, mills, sugar cane levelers, turbo chargers, turbo blowers and a specific line for industrial processes.
Application deadline for Amplats bursary scheme extended to month-end
Published: 25 May 18
Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) has extended the application period for its bursary scheme until May 30. The scheme is designed to give young professionals an entry into the company and will provide bursars with an academic qualification as well as the job skills necessary to launch a successful career in the mining industry.  The bursary scheme offers three learnership options, namely: tertiary studies at a university, including components of practical training prior to and during tertiary studies; studying at a university of technology, including the experiential training component required for the National Diploma and/or B Tech degree; and structured practical training to be supplemented by in-house and/or industry training courses.
African Sun Mining pursues opportunities at Junior Indaba African Sun Mining pursues opportunities at Junior Indaba
Published: 25 May 18
Owing to the current high prices of commodities, wholly black-owned, Pretoria-based opencast mining contractor African Sun Mining hopes to liaise with mining companies, which are prepared to start new projects, during this year’s Junior Indaba to be held from June 5 to 6 at the Johannesburg Country Club, in Johannesburg. Established in 2011, the company offers a full package of opencast mining services, which includes, but is not limited to mine rehabilitation, drilling and blasting, load and haul, crushing and screening, as well as decline-shaft establishment.
Madaouela and Mutanga uranium projects ready  for development Madaouela and Mutanga uranium projects ready for development
Published: 25 May 18
Canadian uranium company GoviEx Uranium’s two projects, the Madaouela project, in Niger, and the Mutanga project, in Zambia, are fully licensed, and the junior company is ready to start the development of these projects to improve supply to the world uranium market. “We have made several acquisitions in the past couple of years. In 2017 we acquired a second project in Zambia that adds to the existing Mutanga project and expands our portfolio, and enables us to consider the economies of scale of having a bigger project,” says GoviEx CEO Daniel Major.
Galane Gold extends  exploration in Botswana Galane Gold extends exploration in Botswana
Published: 25 May 18
Southern Africa-focused gold producer Galane Gold has completed additional exploration drilling at the Tau underground gold mine in Botswana as part of its strategy to continue to delineate the extension of Tau at depth to further expand its potential resource. "The decision to move to underground operations has been further supported as the exploration results continue to support our view on the extension of the Tau mineralised body at depth. I believe we can now be more than confident in saying that Tau is expected to form the backbone of our operation past our current four-year mine plan," says Galane Gold CEO Nick Brodie.
Junior miners set to capitalise  on ‘new dawn’ Junior miners set to capitalise on ‘new dawn’
Published: 25 May 18
There is a mood of optimism sweeping across the country following the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as the President of South Africa and the appointment of Gwede Mantashe as the Minister of Mineral Resources, with the junior mining sector hoping to capitalise on this through proactive initiatives and the proposal of a constructive way forward to attract investment, says Junior Indaba organiser Resources for Africa Investment Conferences CEO Paula Munsie. The fourth edition of the Junior Indaba – for explorers, developers and investors in junior mining in Africa – which will take place on June 5 and 6 attracts about 500 people. Munsie says new and exciting junior projects will be showcased and assessed by an esteemed panel of investors.
Junior miners could  successfully navigate  challenges in changing  energy, resources market Junior miners could successfully navigate challenges in changing energy, resources market
Published: 25 May 18
Recovering commodity prices, renewed optimism in the mining sector, and diversified ownership of Tier 1 mining companies are opening up opportunities for emerging and junior miners to enter the industry, says engineering consultancy company WorleyParsons RSA CEO Denver Dreyer. He explains that the professional services company can assist Tier 2 and Tier 3 miners to address some of the challenges they face in “getting their projects off the ground and attracting funding”.
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