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China continues to encourage foreign mining investment China continues to encourage foreign mining investment
Published: 22 Jun 18
In early April the People’s Republic of China established a new Ministry, that of Natural Resources (MNR). The creation of the new Ministry was part of a programme to restructure the country’s State Council (Cabinet). The MNR took over all the responsibilities of the previous (and now disestablished) Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR), the State Oceanic Administration and the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation. (The MLR had been responsible for the administration, protection, planning and utilisation of China’s land, mineral and some marine resources.) The MNR also took over relevant responsibilities from other, still active Ministries and agencies – for example, it took over the responsibility for grassland survey and ownership registration from the Ministry of Agriculture. The function of the MNR is to provide more efficient oversight of the development and protection of the country’s natural resources, including minerals.
Most airlines see profit rise, but share prices fall, in first quarter
Published: 22 Jun 18
The profitability of the global airline industry improved during the first quarter of this year (1Q18) in comparison to the first quarter of 2017 (1Q17), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reported. The prime driver of this improvement was a turnaround by European airlines. On the other hand, airline share prices worldwide fell by 2.8% in May, the fourth consecutive month of declining airline share prices. This was a reflection of shareholder concern about rising fuel prices, which increased again in May and were 60% higher than they had been 12 months earlier.
‘No significant barriers’ to Africa’s adoption of advanced computing systems
Published: 22 Jun 18
The infrastructure environment can support complex, high-technology uses in businesses with inherent security and at high speed, says enterprise technology multinational IBM Systems GM Alex Gogh. The basis for the wide-scale use of high-technology business systems, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and cognitive systems, is a robust and secure infrastructure environment that uses Open Standards, can manage vast amounts of data, and scale up and out as needed.
Free camera placement tools, IP solution aiding tech renewal Free camera placement tools, IP solution aiding tech renewal
Published: 22 Jun 18
Security imagery specialist Graphic Imaging Technologies (GIT) has made a free-to-use camera placement tool available and has launched a solution that enables Internet protocol (IP) streams to be sent over older analogue coaxial cables, enabling users to use existing infrastructure to support new technology systems. “Demand for the new technologies – including image-recognition and analytics, perimeter-breach detection, high-resolution pan-tilt-zoom cameras, as well as new high-resolution mobile camera systems – is high, but our clients also correctly note that they have to get the value from their existing investments,” says GIT executive Laurence Smith.
Skills development and in-house training crucial for boiler industry
Published: 22 Jun 18
Stainless steel fabricator and welding services firm Hlakani Engineering strongly advocates the importance of skills development and in-house training, says director Gerhard Holtshauzen, as this significantly improves boiler making and other skills. “We provide people with a chance to become a skilled welder or boiler maker,” he notes, adding that companies often do not give employees a chance to “grow into a position”.
Boiler retubing completed for major tyre manufacturer Boiler retubing completed for major tyre manufacturer
Published: 22 Jun 18
Management, consulting, engineering and quality assurance services provider GM Boiler & Steam Consulting Engineering completed a boiler retubing for one of the major tyre manufacturers in South Africa, says company technical director Gregory Morgan. The retubing was part of a 36-month boiler overhaul and the company completed the project in March.
Delegation seeks partnerships with food and beverage industry Delegation seeks partnerships with food and beverage industry
Published: 22 Jun 18
Last month, the German VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association held a symposium in Johannesburg, South Africa, for a delegation of 13 high-profile and diversified member companies to present their products and services to the South African food processing and packaging industry. The companies, which also shared their knowledge and expertise, included manufacturing company KHS Manufacturing, technology supplier GEA and German engineering company Langguth. The symposium, which also focused on water and wastewater engineering in South Africa, was attended by more than 90 local food and beverage companies.
SAGCC, partners aim  to digitalise industries SAGCC, partners aim to digitalise industries
Published: 22 Jun 18
The Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAGCC) and its partners are looking into automating and digitalising South African supply chain industries. According to the SAGCC, there is a substantial shift towards automation and digitalisation in organisations in Germany and in much of Europe, particularly in supply chains, and the chamber believes that digitalisation in these sectors would significantly upgrade local industries.
Nontechnical issues present the main obstacles to nuclear’s role in future energy mix Nontechnical issues present the main obstacles to nuclear’s role in future energy mix
Published: 22 Jun 18
Key issues regarding the future of nuclear power in South Africa were raised at the National Nuclear Regulator’s recent 2nd Nuclear Regulatory Information Conference, held in northern Johannesburg. The conference took place over three days.
NCPC-SA reduces small-enterprise energy consumption by 50% NCPC-SA reduces small-enterprise energy consumption by 50%
Published: 22 Jun 18
Since the National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) did a steam system optimisation (SSO) at the Klein River Cheese farm, the farm’s overall energy consumption has reduced by 50%, says NCPC-SA project manager Sashay Ramdharee. The NCPC-SA scoped the steam system at Klein River Cheese to identify opportunities where efficiencies could be improved, as part of its role in the South African Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) Project. “We logged the data, analysed the results and made recommendations in the form of a report to improve the system,” he notes.
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