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Biodiesel not an affordable  solution for SA mines Biodiesel not an affordable solution for SA mines
Published: 23 Feb 18
Biodiesel currently does not present as a more affordable energy alternative for the local mining industry, says Sandton-based energy product supplier InnoFES MD Alexander Grobler. He says that, while many renewable-energy product producers and suppliers boast of the benefits of biodiesel application, the only realistic benefit of biodiesel in South Africa is reducing a company’s harmful emissions, as the cost per liter is on par with that of conventional diesel.
De Beers unit’s density measurement system now commercially available De Beers unit’s density measurement system now commercially available
Published: 23 Feb 18
De Beers Group of Companies’ innovation division De Beers Technologies South Africa (DebTech SA) has developed a novel density measurement system that can provide process plants with fast and accurate data on material density profiles of particle samples. The availability of this data, in turn, can inform timeous plant adjustments that make for better plant performance and higher recoveries.
Digitalisation to impact on every aspect of mining – Schneider
Published: 23 Feb 18
Of all the trends impacting on the mining industry, none will be as critical as digitalisation, says power management and automation systems Schneider Electric South Africa mining, minerals and metals (MMM) Africa business VP Wilhelm Swart.
Namibia mining sector  is investor friendly Namibia mining sector is investor friendly
Published: 23 Feb 18
The Namibian mining sector has become more investor friendly than South Africa, as the country has clear policies that have been consistently applied, explains Sandton-based law firm Webber Wentzel partner Jonathan Veeran. Namibia has four policies governing mining and mineral prospecting: the Minerals Policy of Namibia, the Minerals Prospecting and Mining Act of 1992, the Minerals Development Fund of Namibia Act of 1996 and the Diamond Act of 1999.
South Africa’s biggest private-sector airline reports record performance
Published: 23 Feb 18
South African private-sector airline group Comair, operator of the British Airways in South Africa and Kulula low cost carrier brands, has announced that it had achieved a record performance for the first half of the current financial year (July 1 to December 31, 2017). Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (Ebitda) came to R604-million, up from the R575-million achieved in the period January 1 to June 30, 2017.
Machine learning  to improve IT  service management Machine learning to improve IT service management
Published: 23 Feb 18
Intelligent automation, big data analytics and machine learning systems will become a significant part of information technology (IT) services and support decision-making, enhance staff productivity and facilitate smart self-service for end-users, says workflow specialist firm Marval Africa executive director Edward Carbutt. The volume of data streams entering IT service management is large and growing constantly; however, IT service management revolves around quality of service provision that enables customers to access faster, better and cheaper services and support.
Working-at-height training programme incorporates VR tech Working-at-height training programme incorporates VR tech
Published: 23 Feb 18
Steel and mining company ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) has incorporated virtual reality (VR) technology into the apprenticeship and training programmes at its Vanderbiljpark plant. The VR training solution, which has been operational since December last year, is currently used to determine whether new recruits have a fear of working at height. AMSA talent management and innovation manager Terrence Harrison explains that the VR solution, in addition to recreating the experience of being at height, also monitors physiological responses such as heart rate, as well as screening recruits for colorblindness.
Solar systems company dismisses takeover rumour
Published: 23 Feb 18
Solar photovoltaic (PV) mounting systems company Schletter South Africa is seeing positive growth in line with industry developments, with high hopes of renewed interest and demand in 2018.
South African nuclear group in tight financial situation, but optimistic about recovery
Published: 23 Feb 18
The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) is currently facing financial pressures, confirms the State-owned group’s Chief Executive, Phumzile Tshelane to “Engineering News”. “At the moment, Necsa is under financial stress, because [subsidiary] Pelchem is loss-making and we need to support it,” he said.
Nuclear corporation, and country, hit hard by safety shut of radioisotope maker
Published: 23 Feb 18
The safety compliance failures at NTP Radioisotopes, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the State-owned South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa), has created a crisis within the parastatal and for the country’s nuclear medicine community and its patients. Necsa shut down operations at NTP in late November due to non-compliance with safety protocols at the radioisotope producer, a step with which the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) concurred.
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