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Iron-Ore 2019: A review of the iron-ore sector Iron-Ore 2019: A review of the iron-ore sector Has PDF
Published: 12 Apr 19
The decision by number one iron-ore miner Vale, of Brazil, to halt 40‑million tonnes of production – equivalent to about one-tenth of its output – so that it can decommission tailings dams similar to the one that failed in January 2019, killing an estimated 300 people, will have major implications for the world’s iron-ore mining and steelmaking industries in the near term. Creamer Media’s Iron-Ore 2019 report provides an overview of the global iron-ore market currently, with particular emphasis on supply and demand, as well as trade and pricing. It also provides information on South Africa’s iron-ore market and its major producers, as well as an overview of the major global iron-ore producing companies and other significant producers.
Construction 2019: A review of South Africa's construction sector Construction 2019: A review of South Africa's construction sector Has PDF
Published: 05 Apr 19
South Africa’s construction industry continues to face tough times amid lower investment in infrastructure by government, low business confidence and lower foreign direct investment. Considering the tough domestic conditions, many firms continue to or have begun venturing outside of South Africa to pursue growth opportunities in the rest of Africa and other select markets. The challenges that large construction firms face are also having a knock-on effect on subcontractors, which are also struggling to secure contracts and maintain staff levels. Suppliers to the construction industry are also feeling the pinch and are also seeking opportunities abroad amid the slump in the South African construction sector. Creamer Media’s Construction 2019 Report examines South Africa’s construction industry over the past 12 months. The report provides insight into the business environment in the construction sector, key participants, local demand, international expansion, competition commission activities, corporate activity of the country’s major construction companies, and issues such transformation, the shortage of skills and safety.
Energy Roundup – April 2019 Energy Roundup – April 2019 Has PDF
Published: 05 Apr 19
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The April 2019 roundup covers activities in March 2019, and includes details of the recent round of rolling blackouts in South Africa; the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s granting of a 13.82% tariff increase to State-owned power utility Eskom; and South African Energy Minister Jeff Radebe’s reported willingness to use his legislative powers to facilitate the introduction of private electricity alternatives that could reduce the threat of load-shedding by Eskom in the short to medium term.
Electricity 2019: A review of South Africa's electricity sector Electricity 2019: A review of South Africa's electricity sector Has PDF
Published: 15 Mar 19
South Africa’s electricity industry is in dire straits. The country, at the start of 2019, suffered one of its worst series of power cuts in a decade, conjuring up memories of the 2008 crisis when the grid nearly collapsed, and threatening President Cyril Ramaphosa’s government plans to revive the struggling economy. The main role player is State-owned power utility Eskom. Bloated by debt and severely damaged by years of corruption and maladministration, Eskom is struggling to navigate a magnitude of operational and financial crises. The utility’s financial performance has deteriorated to the point where without fiscal support from government, the company is not expected to last beyond April 2019. If Eskom defaults on its debt, it will not only threaten South Africa’s entire economy but also hamper any economic growth prospects. Creamer Media’s Electricity 2019 Report provides an overview of South Africa’s electricity sector, with a focus on Eskom’s generation and financial performance and recently announced unbundling. It also covers the changing electricity landscape and the role of independent power producers and embedded generation in the country’s energy mix, as well as other areas such as transmission, distribution and electrification.
Energy Roundup – March 2019 Energy Roundup – March 2019 Has PDF
Published: 11 Mar 19
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The March 2019 roundup covers activities in February 2019, and includes details of the Infrastructure Research Development Centre’s opposition to government’s decision to bring in external engineers to investigate the crisis at State-owned power utility Eskom’s power stations, Eskom’s unbundling, and newly released statistics of South Africa’s expanding renewable-energy fleet.
Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2019 (First Edition) Africa Mining Projects in Progress 2019 (First Edition) Has PDF
Published: 07 Mar 19
Africa’s potential is immeasurable. While Africa initially gained a reputation for its gold and diamond resources, the African mining industry is now also being recognised for its copper, graphite, lithium, platinum group metals and potash resources. However, the continent is faced with a ‘resource curse’ – a term referring to an enduring theme of mining in Africa – the paradox of plenty, and how to manage it. This edition of Creamer Media’s Africa Mining Projects in Progress highlights some of the prospective projects on the continent that have been announced in some of these sectors, focusing on recent preliminary economic assessments, scoping, prefeasibility and definitive/bankable feasibility studies, as well as some of the projects that are already under way.
Energy Roundup – February 2019 Energy Roundup – February 2019 Has PDF
Published: 08 Feb 19
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The February 2019 roundup covers activities in December 2018 and January 2019, and includes details of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s appointment of an Eskom Sustainability Task Team to advise government on actions to resolve the State-owned power company’s operational, structural and financial challenges; the South African Local Government Association’s rejection of State-owned power utility Eskom’s appeal for a 15% tariff increase over the next three years; and Eskom’s loan agreement with the Agence Française de Développement for R1.5-billion to extend its transmission grid along the West Coast.
Canada Mining Projects in Progress 2019 Canada Mining Projects in Progress 2019 Has PDF
Published: 04 Feb 19
Canada is one of the leading mining countries and one of the largest producers of minerals and metals in the world. It produces about 60 different minerals and metals, and ranked in the top five countries in the global production of 13 major minerals and metals in 2017. Metals mines – such as those mining gold, copper, nickel and zinc – account for two-thirds of the value of major mining-related projects. In this inaugural edition of Creamer Media’s Canada Mining Projects in Progress, we present a selection of these mining projects announced over the past few months, including those in the preliminary economic assessment/scoping study phase, prefeasibility and bankable/definitive feasibility study phase.
Telecoms 2018: A review of South Africa's telecommunications sector Telecoms 2018: A review of South Africa's telecommunications sector Has PDF
Published: 12 Dec 18
Internet use globally continues to increase and the number of Internet users has surpassed four‑billion, social media firms We Are Social and Hootsuite reported in their ‘Digital in 2018’ report, published in January 2018. The report highlights that people are spending more time on the Internet and are increasingly accessing it through smart devices; the use of social media is also rising, with such platforms mostly accessed from mobile devices. In South Africa, there is growing demand for mobile communication services, particularly for more data. Users are seeking not only good-quality service and sufficient data speeds but are also calling for operators to decrease the cost of data, which many regard as being too high. Government is taking steps to lower the cost of communicating in the country, and various entities, including the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa and the Competition Commission, are undertaking programmes and inquiries to establish ways of lowering costs, as well as improving competition in the telecommunications sector to ensure that operators do not take advantage of users. Creamer Media’s Telecoms 2018 report reviews South Africa’s telecommunications market and the major companies operating in the sector, as well as industry trends and challenges. The report also provides information on the country’s policy and regulatory developments, as well as its international connectivity.
Energy Roundup – December 2018 Energy Roundup – December 2018 Has PDF
Published: 07 Dec 18
Creamer Media's Energy Roundup is a monthly report providing a synopsis of energy-related news from South Africa. The December 2018 roundup covers activities in November, and includes details of South African State-owned power utility Eskom’s discussions with government for yet another equity injection; the official launch of black-owned independent power producer Emvelo’s Ilanga concentrate solar power plant, in South Africa’s Northern Cape province; and the African Development Bank group and Eskom’s R2.9-billion loan agreement.
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